Winter and water


It was a long and exciting week which I ended with a relaxed run around Bärensee today. I went running with a dear friend who recently restarted her running career so my „long run“ became a more or less medium run  But that’s totally fine! Though I’m looking forward to increase my mileage during the next weeks!


Tuesday: 5 km running
Thursday: 80 minutes dance class
Sunday: 7.5 km running


It was quite hard to ignore those three – I really loved their matching look!


Have a nice week!


  • Carola
    14. Januar 2013, 19:22  Antworten

    I wish I had your motivation!!!

    • crriena
      14. Januar 2013, 20:06

      Carola, you can do it!
      I don’t feel particularly motivated- I simply make no excuses.

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