What I did today, or what I did last week


Last week I challenged myself to make an animation every day for one week. In order to really get things done every day I decided to make the (for me) most important thing I did that day topic of the animation. 

Here we go – Have fun!


Day I – The Muffinmaker

[vimeo 61761701 w=600 h=400]

Day II – The Bookclub

[vimeo 61843819 w=600 h=400]

Day III – Rockclimbing

[vimeo 61931904 w=600 h=400]

Day IV – Dinner with Spundekäs
[vimeo 62004137 w=600 h=400]

Day V – Nothing

[vimeo 62023477 w=600 h=400]

Day VI – Biking

[vimeo 62112101 w=600 h=400]

Day VII – Running

[vimeo 62205633 w=600 h=400]


  • 22. März 2013, 08:43  Antworten

    Geniales Design. Wie machst Du sowas?

    • crriena
      22. März 2013, 08:52

      Danke! Ich mache das mit Adobe After Effects :)

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