Waterfalls in the North-East! Iceland Diary Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of my Iceland Diary! The day started with a wet tent because it was raining all morning at Myvatn. After packing it we continued our journey to the east and hit Námaskarð. Although it was raining the area was very impressive – just look at the colours!

Afterwards we drove up north to Dettifoss which is one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe. We dared to stand right on the brink and got soaked to the skin. But it was fun!

On our way to Egilsstaðir the sky brightened up, so we decided to make use of the good weather and look for a campground for the night. We drove into the biggest forest in Iceland, Hallormsstaðarskógur, and found the beautiful campground Atlavik right beside the Lögurinn lake.

Since the camping season was almost over, there were only two other campers staying for the night. Thus we had loads of space and the lake’s waterside just for us!

In the afternoon we made a little trip to Hengifoss, a waterfall in the south of Lögurinn. It’s a 2 km walk up to the waterfall but I highly recommend it as you can see volcanic red sediment layers and basaltic columns. Have a look in the gallery!

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