Three countries, three kitties


Hello again, I’m back from my three weeks off! Hard to believe that those three weeks went by so fast. I’ve been to some enchanting places, learned to love really spicy food and enjoyed jumping into the sea whenever I could.

After a road trip through the south of Thailand I discovered Malaysia from two totally different perspectives and in the end I had the chance to celebrate the National Day in Singapore.
Funnily enough I was accompanied by cat related street art throughout my journey. Regardless of how different the countries in the world may be – it seems that our love for kittens unites us after all.

Cat streetart Thailand

Phetchaburi near Bangkok / Thailand

Cat streetart Pengang, George Town

George Town, Penang / Malaysia

Cat streetart Singapore


That’s it for today, looking forward to tell you about my journey!


  • Din
    11. August 2013, 19:35  Antworten

    Oh das ist aber ganz ganz reizend! Ein wunderbares, länderübergreifendes Thema.

    • crriena
      13. August 2013, 07:32

      international relevant sozusagen ;)

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