The day I preferred a cracker to a cookie – Iceland Diary 4

Glacier time! Woke up in rain again and packed our wet tent. After a long drive down the Ringway into the South with a short and rainy lunch stopover at Höfn we arrived at Jökulsárlón, the Glacier river. Although it was quite misty and very, very windy it was a great sight.
But I preferred watching the seals which were playing in the south of the bridge which crosses the river.

After more rain and foggy hills we finally saw our first glacier: Vatnajökull. It was very impressive because the glacier branches look like huge frozen waves which try to cleave into the valley. Of course I couldn’t help to walk on the glacier but unfortunately my love of adventure was stopped by a muddy incident (see the picture below). So this day made history as the day I preferred a cracker to a cookie. Blame it on the glacier!

So we didn’t make it onto the glacier but into Skaftafell National Park and found a great accomodation in the cosy Bölti Guesthouse.

See more pictures in the gallery:

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