April statistics

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Slowly, very slowly I get used to the idea that spring might be finally here. There were some beautiful days in April but most of the time a thick cloud

Workout statistics November

Fewer km than in September but the same amount of units due to a lot of tempo and interval runs. For me that’s fine! I’m thinking about some more variation

weekend running from a botanical view

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It has been raining all week and now I hope for a dry weekend to do my runs! Say hi to my relative – the turtle. Sometimes I really feel

60-30-15 sprints and this week’s training

  19.11.2012   Carina   RUN, Training plan   4 Comments

Although I wasn’t in the mood for running today I went outside and did some interval training including 60-30-15 sec. sprints. It wasn’t too bad at all and I slowly

daylight saving – between the devil and the deep blue sea

  4.11.2012   Carina   RUN, Training plan   2 Comments

Hej there! I had a great first week after daylight saving and I even did a tempo run before work (got up at 7am)! I’m not sure if I’m gonna stick

Sunday is race day!

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Okay, as some of you might have noticed I’ve been preparing myself for a while now. I’ve followed the plan conscientiously and finished all of my runs. Sunday will be