Sunday is race day!

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Okay, as some of you might have noticed I’ve been preparing myself for a while now. I’ve followed the plan conscientiously and finished all of my runs. Sunday will be

3 more weeks to prepare for the half marathon

  23.09.2012   Carina   HM, RUN   2 Comments

I had a great weekend with an amazing dinner at Jasmin’s place and a apple harvest. I helped picking and now I have 6 kg of apples waiting in my kitchen

27 days until my first half marathon

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My vacation messed my previous training achievements up a bit, so my calves feel a little sore after the 10k run and 30-minute-bike yesterday. I hope they get better soon

hm prep week 8 or where did all the corn go?

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Before I start bombarding you with loads of Iceland pictures I want to keep you up-to-date with my half marathon prep for this week. Today I ran through the fields

Ohh, Puff Pastry!

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Worked out a lot and don’t know how to refill your calorie deficits? Just try out this fast and easy all-round recipe with puff pastry!

Half Marathon preparation Week 3

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Well, cake and biscuits dominated my past week’s diet. Nevertheless I pushed my workout through and I hope I’m gonna keep it up this week (maybe with less sweets).

How to reconcile work and exercise?

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When I began to work about a year ago I also started doing serious workouts. Unfortunately I had to figure out that there was no worse timing.