Nice to meet you, Barcelona!

  1.07.2013   Carina   Spain, TRAVEL   4 Comments

Working a full-time job, 30 days of vacation max. and the weekends of course on which you’re usually too exhausted to do something. There doesn’t seem to be too much

May statistics

  2.06.2013   Carina   PLAY, RUN, statistics   No comments

So many public holidays, so much rain and again so much has happened. This month the most important thing for me was getting healthy again. A bit strength training and

What I did last week: food videos!

  21.05.2013   Carina   PLAY   7 Comments

I had some spare time last week (unfortunately I was ill) so I used it to make two videos. And what kind of topic do you choose when you’re bored?

Half marathon outfit!

  13.10.2012   Carina   HM, RUN   4 Comments

At this time tomorrow I will have finished my first half marathon! It’s hard to believe right now but this is the point of no return. I’m still not sure

Ohh, Puff Pastry!

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Worked out a lot and don’t know how to refill your calorie deficits? Just try out this fast and easy all-round recipe with puff pastry!

Half way there!

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Though yesterday’s weather wasn’t very steady and I was tired and hungry and and and… I kicked my ass, so now I can happily announce that I managed to run

Half Marathon preparation Week 3

  7.08.2012   Carina   HM   No comments

Well, cake and biscuits dominated my past week’s diet. Nevertheless I pushed my workout through and I hope I’m gonna keep it up this week (maybe with less sweets).