June statistics

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  If life gives you 8 kg of strawberries… make jam from it! It’s as easy as it gets! A bit of strawberry picking, some traveling, running of course and

May statistics

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So many public holidays, so much rain and again so much has happened. This month the most important thing for me was getting healthy again. A bit strength training and

April statistics

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Slowly, very slowly I get used to the idea that spring might be finally here. There were some beautiful days in April but most of the time a thick cloud

What I did today, or what I did last week

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Last week I challenged myself to make an animation every day for one week. In order to really get things done every day I decided to make the (for me) most

workout statistics october

I would have loved to do some cycling but unfortunately my bike was stolen in September. However I’m already looking for a new one and I hope I can find