5 a week

  13.11.2012   Carina   RUN, Training plan   3 Comments

I just came back from my run and I must admit autumn running isn’t as easy as in spring or summer. It’s cold and slippery and you can’t enjoy the

Half marathon outfit!

  13.10.2012   Carina   HM, RUN   4 Comments

At this time tomorrow I will have finished my first half marathon! It’s hard to believe right now but this is the point of no return. I’m still not sure

Wet again but hej, two rainbows! – Iceland, Day 5

  6.10.2012   Carina   Island, TRAVEL   14 Comments

Welcome to Day 5 of my Iceland travel diary! Awakened by the sun at Bölti, Skaftafell we set out for more beautiful waterfalls and glaciers and headed south-west. First stop