OFFF 2013 Barcelona – Recap

OFFF 2013 Barcelona: play is a state of mind - jessica walsh
BCN! I’ve never been to Barcelona before so I was excited to attend OFFF 2013 and visit the beautiful Catalonian capital in the beginning of June. With so many creatives all bunched together it was promising that the three days of conference would be an inspiring festival of creative madness. Let’s see how it turned out.

There are good speakers. And bad speakers. The problem was: the time you found out you listened to a bad speaker in „roots“ (the large room) you had no chance to switch to the other talk because the „openroom“ was way too small. (But you had always the option to have a nap in the sun on the stairs outside!) Let’s focus on the good speakers!

For those of you who are not too much into the design stuff, the bottom line of all good talks was:

Do what you love!

This statement addresses everyone. No matter which profession it’s always about being happy and fulfilled in the end. Because – who doesn’t want to be happy?

OFFF 2013 Barcelona: do what you like to do

For all of you who want to know more I get a little bit more concrete.
Here are some of my favourite speakers and their core messages:

Jessica Walsh
Designer – NYC

The more fun & play in my work, the better people respond to the end result
Play is a state of mind
You need to have the confidence to fail
Persistence is key
Play is the highest form of research (Einstein)
Be fearless

„Get comfortable with the uncomfortable“

Get off the computer and make shit!

OFFF 2013 Barcelona: formula for the perfect idea

Studio – NYC

Risk failure– Embrace it
Always say: „Yes, I can do it!“
Ask questions
Fuck it, let’s try it!

„Do as much as you can“

No more repeating the same work
Make the work you want to do and you want clients to want you to do
No egos. Push a­ collaborative environment
No clones. New members/coworkers need something new & unique
If you like what someone else is doing, tell them!
Make love to yourself & your clients // Should be fun & profitable
Opportunities come from interaction
Business is a craft
Define roles
Dont sell ice to eskimos
Enjoy what you do
Dont take yourself too seriously!

OFFF 2013 Barcelona: tell them

Esteban Diacono
Motion Graphics Artist – Buenos Aires

Things apparently work when you are having fun
The internet is awesome, things happen.

„Work your ass of, nothing is free“

You can touch people with your art
A video can change your life

Pat Perry
Illustrator – nomad

What you make shows what you care about

OFFF 2013 Barcelona: pat perry

North kingdom
Studio – Sweden

Go beyond things you’re not familiar with
Make things better
Technology can push creativity

„You have to put love in every pixel“

Best way to collaborate is to share

Signal noise
Designer – Canada

The 80ies are awesome and ridiculos at the same time
Put your work out there!

„You don’t need clients in order to do work“

Personal passion should never be replaced with monetary goals

OFFF 2013 Barcelona: signal noise

My personal highlights were definitely Jessica Walsh and Pat Perry. Jessica because she is not just a very talented multidisciplinary designer but also a great speaker to listen to. Her presentation was full of tiny animations and beautiful typography and the people simply hung on her lips.
Pat  is an incredible illustrator. He showed some of his realistic to super surreal artworks but what impressed me the most was his attitude to life. He is a traveller and an explorer. His talk reminded me of where inspiration comes from and that we should work on what we really care about. Because care is what distinguishes the good from the excellent.

I had the chance to talk to Pat for a few minutes after another talk. And what made him even more likable was that in this personal little chat he was so cautious and shy – you couldn’t believe that he just stood in front of hundreds of people and inspired them to see the world and believe in themselves! Cool guy!

So this is it! Check out what my colleague David Hellmann wrote about the conference: OFFF 2013 in Barcelona (German)

Want to know what I did in my free time? Here we go: Nice to meet you, Barcelona!

Okay, that’s enough reading– Let’s watch the video!

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