My Iceland Essentials

Here are some items you definitely should take with you when you plan a trip to Iceland.
Of course it doesn’t have to be exactly the same pieces and for you guys trunks will be fine ;) But essentially that’s what you need to survive an Icelandic spring or fall.

gloves+scarf+warm jacket: ginatricot // headband: H&M // rain poncho: Fjällräven // rain trousers: Haglöfs // bikini: Topshop // boots: Columbia

And Girls, I hate those big boots, too. But they ARE necessary if you want to have fun!

Please tell me if I forgot anything (apart from the camera to take breathtaking pictures)!

Here’s an overview of my trip to Iceland:

Day 1, Part 1 – How to shoot a geysir?
Day 1, Part 2 – Hot springs on the moon
Day 2 – Colour attack!
Day 3 – Waterfalls in the North-East
Day 4 – The Day I preferred a cracker to a cookie
Day 5 – Wet again but hej, two rainbows!
Day 6 – Hello rain again
Day 7 – Welcome to the capital: Reykjavik
Day 8 – The last Day in Iceland

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