Melt! Festival Ferropolis

Tomorrow morning at 2:30 am the fun begins. Getting up, getting ready, „Did I pack everything?!“, hurrying not to miss the bus at 4 which brings me to Melt at Ferropolis

The picture above shows you an example of my festival essentials I gathered together from the attic.

Let’s see what’s missing:

spirit for the stove

sleeping pad

toilet paper

trash bags (for garbage and to keep your stuff dry)

folding chair (unfortunately I don’t have one, but I take an aluminium mat with me)

toiletries (includes everything you need from tooth brush to contact lenses container)

clothes (for sunny/rainy weather and especially for the cold nights)


rubber boots (lost mine at the last festival, so this time I packed my hiking boots)


first aid kit


food + drinks



And – of course – I will pack my running gear to check out new routes for you :)

See you next week!



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