June statistics

 strawberry jam and fresh baked bread

If life gives you 8 kg of strawberries… make jam from it! It’s as easy as it gets! A bit of strawberry picking, some traveling, running of course and another month has passed. Just 2,5 more weeks and I’ll be rambling through the busy streets of Bangkok! But one step after the other– here are my June statistics! 


2900 Km
1 Country visited: Spain / First Time in Barcelona
One-Day trip to Frankfurt (hello old home!)
Wrote a summary and statistics about my greatest road trips!


Running: 6x / 33 km
Biking: 5x / 45 km
Strength training: 4 x
Yoga: 2 x


First time at OFFF conference
Made a Typography Wallpaper for you!
100th post after 1 blogging year!
Making jam out of 8kg strawberries and eating it with home-made bread

Have a great July!

strawberry fields forever


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