July statistics


A bit too late but here we go: the July statistics! Not a lot of running but definitively heaps of traveling lately. And there were several things I did for the first time in my life this month. What this has to do with Sauerland, stimulation currents and turtles you can find out here! 



14.500 km
1 Country visited: First time in Thailand
First time in Sauerland to celebrate a very beautiful wedding!


Running: 3x / 17 km
Biking: 4x / 33 km
Tried PowerPlate for the first time – Interesting but brr!
Tried BodyStreet (the stimulation current thing) for the first time – Even more brrr!
Yoga: 2 x


Snorkeled with a giant turtle for the very first time!
Jumped into a river while swinging on a vine (first time!)
Had four massages within 10 days and paid less than 25 Euro ;)
Drove with a TukTuk for the first time
Visited a Buddhist Temple for the first time (which shouldn’t be the last time in July!)

In fact, July was awesome!

What did you do for the first time in July?

boat trip with green vegetables


  • Te
    17. August 2013, 10:45  Antworten

    Sounds like a wonderful July! :)

    • crriena
      18. August 2013, 17:11

      Oh, it was :) Thanks for your comment!

  • din
    2. September 2013, 09:34  Antworten

    Oh wie schön. Das hört sich ja ganz großartig. Genau mein Geschmack. Neues ausprobieren! Bin gespannt, wie dein August war.

    • crriena
      2. September 2013, 15:54

      Neues ist immer gut! Wenn ich mir Deine Statistiken so ansehe hinke ich ganz schön hinter her… auch im August ! Sehr beeindruckend auf jeden Fall! Mal schauen ob ich es jemals so ein Pensum wie Du schaffe ;)

    • crriena
      3. September 2013, 08:30

      Ich liebe es neues auszuprobieren! Du inspirierst mich ja schon etwas zum Tria… Mal schauen ob ich mich nächstes Jahr mal traue… ;)

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