hot springs on the moon – DAY 1.2 in ICELAND

Our journey continues into the Icelandic highland. The picture above is a rarity as you usually neither see vegetation nor creatures in this territory.

In general it looks like this:

Oh, but here we have another exception (there’s a glacier hidden in the fog!):

As you can see the weather wasn’t the best. And it was such a pity that we drove between those two huge glaciers but weren’t able to see them! But the over night stop at Hveravellir or better the extensive bath in the hot spring next to the hut has made it all up again. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the spring but this is what the surrounding looks like:

And while we sat in the spring, refusing to ever get out into the cold again, even the weather cleared up !

The hut itself is very basic but perfectly fine. You can buy food and beverages but if you ask kindly you can even use the kitchen. Our second camping attempt failed due laziness (again!). So instead of using the nearby campground, we fell into a deep sleep in our sleeping bags in a dorm.

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