Half marathon outfit!

running my first half marathon with this gear

At this time tomorrow I will have finished my first half marathon! It’s hard to believe right now but this is the point of no return.
I’m still not sure if I made the right choice of clothes but I liked running in them last autumn so they shouldn’t be too wrong for this occasion. And I’m also not sure whether I should use this energy food or not. We’ll wait and see what happens!

running my first half marathon with this gear

Tights: Tchibo // Socks: Spongebob // Shirt: Nike // Jacket: Alex Athletics

And the most important piece: my beloved Nike Lunarglides 3! Maybe they get clean on the 21 km of paved road.

my running shoes: nike lunarglide +3

Unfortunately I broke my mobile on the first 100 m of my 4 km run today. Well, that’s bad luck but in Germany we say: „Scherben bringen Glück!“ which means as much as: broken crockery brings you luck!

Let’s hope for the best! See you next week!


  • 13. Oktober 2012, 20:13  Antworten

    Good luck for tomorrow! Enjoy your run.

    … and, these socks? Really? For running? ;)

    • crriena
      15. Oktober 2012, 06:40

      thanks! and of course! I made it without blisters :D

  • 15. Oktober 2012, 11:20  Antworten

    How was the race???

    • crriena
      15. Oktober 2012, 12:40

      I would lie if I said it was fun but it also wasn’t too bad at all! :) Gonna write a report the next days!

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