Day 7 – Welcome to the capital: Reykjavik!

Since I survived my half marathon on Sunday and my new training plan doesn’t start before next week, I use the time to update my Iceland travel diary. The last two days of our trip we spent in and around Reykjavik and started Day 7 with a walk on the northern bay. Besides Sólfar, an artistic viking boat, we visited the concert hall Harpa. Its architecture combines mirrors with geometrical shaped, colourful glass panels and plays with the incoming sunlight – very impressive!

We wanted to go to the Kolaportið indoor flea market but unfortunately it was closed that day. So we went to the Volcano House and had a delicious cookie and hot chocolate at the in-house vintage styled cafe while we waited for the movies to begin. The cinema showed two movies: one about the 1973 Eruption in the Westman Islands which was fairly old but nonetheless very interesting, and another one about the Eyjafjallajökull and Fimmvörðulháls eruption of 2010.

Afterwards we walked around the Tjörnin, a small lake in the middle of the city and watched a duck family.

Reykjaviks side lanes are full of street art. You can find it everywhere and it’s fun to explore! There are a lot of great talents out there!

For lunch I had a delicious sweet potato durum at the main street Hverfisgata. It was hard to decide where to have lunch because there are a lot of very good looking cafes and restaurants in this street. Furthermore Hverfisgata is full of second hand shops! It felt like Chapelstreet in Melbourne– great!

On the way to the famous Hallgrímskirkja I had to stop to take a picture in front of this nice little piece of street art. Most of the houses have little paintings on them and it’s nice to look at! The architecture of the church was monumental but I preferred the interior because it was beautifully plain.

Later we went to Perlan because it is said to be a good viewpoint over the city but I wouldn’t agree with that. The building itself looks like an ufo, by the way. On our way to the swimming pool (no, not the Blue Lagoon) we stopped at a shopping mall to buy some groceries (fun fact: There’s no H&M in Iceland). We got a burger kit and a salad named Geysir from Hagkaup. The burger should be one of the best burgers I’ve ever tried!

Now the best part of the day: The swimming pool Laugardalslaug. If you come to Reykjavik you HAVE to check out this pool, it’s amazing! There are several hot pots outside and of course two normal pools (in the flat one there are a lot of water toys and a basket to play water basketball). AND there’s a water slide with spacy laser light effects! I loved it!

You’ll find more pictures in the gallery below and if you plan a trip to Reykjavik here are two very useful links:

The Reykjavik Grapevine  (free local English newspaper)

I heart Reykjavik (beautiful blog by the native Icelander Auður Ösp)

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