Spanisch, Catalan, Eyescream? Meine DOs and DON’Ts für Barcelona!

  12.08.2015   Carina   Spain, TRAVEL   4 Comments

Ich werde oft gefragt, wo ich Spanisch gelernt hätte. Meine erste Reaktion darauf ist meistens eine vedutzte Gegenfrage: Ich kann Spanisch? Bis ich mich zusammenreiße und mich daran erinnere, dass

OFFF Barcelona – The Video

  5.07.2013   Carina   Spain, TRAVEL   2 Comments

Sometimes (and in my motion designer opinion: always) trips can be best explained with a video. To round up my previous articles about the OFFF conference in Barcelona I put

Nice to meet you, Barcelona!

  1.07.2013   Carina   Spain, TRAVEL   4 Comments

Working a full-time job, 30 days of vacation max. and the weekends of course on which you’re usually too exhausted to do something. There doesn’t seem to be too much

OFFF 2013 Barcelona – Recap

  26.06.2013   Carina   PLAY, Spain, TRAVEL   2 Comments

BCN! I’ve never been to Barcelona before so I was excited to attend OFFF 2013 and visit the beautiful Catalonian capital in the beginning of June. With so many creatives