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Running Advent Calendar – Day 8

  8.12.2012   Carina   Running Routes   4 Comments

Photo by Macrocat I’ve never run around Außenalster in Hamburg but I took some long walks there and thought it would also be fun to run! I wonder if Außenalster

Running Advent Calendar – Day 7

  7.12.2012   Carina   Running Routes   No comments

Photo by Jason Argo Here’s one of my favourite running routes in the world: 7 beautiful km through Albert Lake Park in Melbourne! This is where I started my running „career“ and

Running Advent Calendar – Day 6

  6.12.2012   Carina   Running Routes   4 Comments

I’ve never been to Chicago but this 6 km route through Lincoln Park seems definitely worth a run! Thanks to Dhirubhai Patel for the pictures! Music: MSTRKRFT – Heartbreaker [googlemaps,-87.6347557+to:41.9396175,-87.6337437+to:W+Addison+Dr&hl=de&geocode=FRiFfwIdBO3G-g%3BFWS0fwIdvczG-inTh0DJbdMPiDEmHlwsfuChiw%3BFaHyfwIdsdDG-imF8CupntMPiDHymFSZW2-7tA%3BFTAagAIdd7bG-g&sll=41.93079,-87.634775&sspn=0.053829,0.106688&gl=de&dirflg=w&mra=ltm&via=1,2&ie=UTF8&ll=41.930762,-87.634764&spn=0.03842,0.01581&t=m&output=embed&w=425&h=350] Photos by Dhirubhai

Running Advent Calendar – Day 5

  5.12.2012   Carina   Running Routes   5 Comments

Photo via Lilith-Eve As you might notice I really like paths at watersides! Today I have a 5 km loop road around Max-Eyth-See in Stuttgart (Germany) for you! Enjoy – but

Running Advent Calendar – Day 4

  4.12.2012   Carina   Running Routes   2 Comments

Hello Canada, again! Today I have a beautiful 4 km route through Victoria’s Beacon Hill Park. Specials: Beacon Hill is great because you can run through a lot of different

Running Advent Calendar – Day 2

  2.12.2012   Carina   Running Routes   2 Comments

Welcome to good old Canada! Here’s a 2 km Advent Calendar route for you next to Lightning Lake (near Manning park, BC) and through the forest. [googlemaps,-120.824475+to:S+Gibsons+Trail&geocode=FXeo7AIdAnHM-A%3BFSql7AIdKEjM-A%3BFc6l7AIdZV3M-Cm7voSc5nmDVDEqy-oO9VM61g%3BFeqo7AIdnHDM-A&aq=0&oq=manning+park&sll=49.06276,-120.819397&sspn=0.023902,0.051498&hl=de&dirflg=w&mra=dme&mrsp=3&sz=15&via=2&ie=UTF8&ll=49.06276,-120.819397&spn=0.023902,0.051498&t=m&output=embed&w=425&h=350] Check out this

running advent calendar – day 1

  1.12.2012   Carina   Running Routes   12 Comments

Happy 1st of December! I have a special advent calendar for you: A running one! Featuring running routes from 1 to 24 km everywhere in the world! You will explore