soon, soon!

  30.01.2013   Carina   RUN, Training plan   3 Comments

The days are getting brighter and so are my plans for this year (more on this later that week). January was packed with meetings and shootings and I slowly start

Dance and run

  21.01.2013   Carina   RUN, Training plan   4 Comments

I had a great weekend in Mainz, dancing to Guggenmusik in the street and looking forward to the Meenzer Fassenacht in February. Besides meeting a lot of good old friends I

Winter and water

  13.01.2013   Carina   RUN, Training plan   2 Comments

It was a long and exciting week which I ended with a relaxed run around Bärensee today. I went running with a dear friend who recently restarted her running career so my

2012 … as a runner

Happy new year everyone and welcome back! I had a great vacation and a superb start into 2013, what about you? Some of my must-read-bloggers did a lovely review about

2 0 1 2

  16.12.2012   Carina   RUN, Running pictures   1 Comment

It’s been a great year! Here’s what 2012 looked like for me:

Workout statistics November

Fewer km than in September but the same amount of units due to a lot of tempo and interval runs. For me that’s fine! I’m thinking about some more variation

Running Advent Calendar – Day 3

  3.12.2012   Carina   RUN, Training plan   4 Comments

Talk a 3 km walk or run at the river Rhine in Mainz, Germany. It’s a flat path with a lovely view over Wiesbaden! Special: Watch the rowing club training