Happy 1st Year!

  14.05.2013   Carina   PLAY, RUN, TRAVEL   10 Comments

Happy Birthday, dear Blog! So, it’s been a year now– A year full of running, travelling and trying out new things! I hope you liked the journey until now, but

The perfect run – a matter of motivation

  9.05.2013   Carina   RUN   5 Comments

You can find a lot of reasons not to run. It’s always too cold or too hot, you don’t feel particularly well, there’s no time or even better things to

March statistics

  1.04.2013   Carina   RUN, statistics   No comments

Goodbye March! Although I had a lot of fun I didn’t particularly like you because you were grey, wet and cold. Why so, dear March? Instead of spring awakening there

February statistics

Wow, what a month! With the help of Mark I started a new training plan which you can definitely see in this month’s statistics. February was packed with shootings, our team

The winter run – a musical approach in 10 steps

  27.02.2013   Carina   RUN, Running Tales   5 Comments

We all know – winter doesn’t always come with the perfect sunny, cold but dry, snowy but nice weather days. Most of the time it’s grey, dark, muddy and wet

workout roundup

  18.02.2013   Carina   RUN, Training plan   2 Comments

It’s still frosty outside, at least always when I go for a run. And at the moment that’s four times a week, about 30-40 weekly kilometres. Last week it was

January statistics

  1.02.2013   Carina   RUN, statistics   3 Comments

The first month of the year has passed so fast but it was a great start into the year 2013 and I can’t wait for the next eleven months to