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Hello Fall! Smoothie time isn’t over yet!

  22.09.2012   Carina   Kitchen Aid, Recipes   3 Comments

Summer has come and gone and fall starts today! Nevertheless in my opinion it’s always smoothie time, so I want to share my „goodbye-summer-smoothie-creations“ with you. All you need is a

Ohh, Puff Pastry!

  29.08.2012   Carina   Kitchen Aid, PLAY, Recipes   No comments

Worked out a lot and don’t know how to refill your calorie deficits? Just try out this fast and easy all-round recipe with puff pastry!

Half way there!

  26.08.2012   Carina   HM, Kitchen Aid   No comments

Though yesterday’s weather wasn’t very steady and I was tired and hungry and and and… I kicked my ass, so now I can happily announce that I managed to run

Welcome home!

  5.08.2012   Carina   Kitchen Aid   1 Comment

Finally my long-awaited blender arrived and I couldn’t wait to use it for the first time. See how it worked out!