Half Marathon preparation Week 6

  27.08.2012   Carina   HM, RUN   No comments

Little by little I feel more prepared for the half marathon. Ran my 11.2 km in an acceptable tempo today and could have kept on running but then I stood

Half way there!

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Though yesterday’s weather wasn’t very steady and I was tired and hungry and and and… I kicked my ass, so now I can happily announce that I managed to run

Half Marathon preparation Week 5

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8 more weeks to go until Munich Half Marathon and I haven’t registered yet. Maybe I should do it soon…

Half Marathon preparation Week 4

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Although I had to switch some of my workouts last week  I managed to complete 6 of them! Let’s see how it will work out this week.

Half Marathon preparation Week 3

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Well, cake and biscuits dominated my past week’s diet. Nevertheless I pushed my workout through and I hope I’m gonna keep it up this week (maybe with less sweets).

How to reconcile work and exercise?

  31.07.2012   Carina   HM   No comments

When I began to work about a year ago I also started doing serious workouts. Unfortunately I had to figure out that there was no worse timing.

Half Marathon preparation Week 2

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So I completed my first week and it wasn’t too bad at all. I did 5 instead of 6 workouts and enjoyed the short runs. This will change slightly in