60-30-15 sprints and this week’s training

Although I wasn’t in the mood for running today I went outside and did some interval training including 60-30-15 sec. sprints. It wasn’t too bad at all and I slowly get used to my evening runs in the dark (though I still need blinking safety accessories!).

I’m on a shooting on Wednesday and Thursday, that’s why I unfortunately won’t make it to my dance class. Instead I’m gonna do some stabilization exercises in my hotel room. And maybe I’ll switch the Sat/Sun workouts so I could run my 8 km in Munich Olympia Park !

Some pictures of my run today – Regeneration time between sprints = camera time!


  • 19. November 2012, 20:36  Antworten

    Hey, total hübscher Schal :-) Uh, ganz schön dunkel ist es auf dem Foto. Echt großen Respekt, dass du trotzdem laufen gehst! LG

    • crriena
      19. November 2012, 20:41

      hej, dankeschön! die größte überwindung ist es den fuß vor die tür zu setzen, dann geht es :) der schal ist übrigens von tchibo! LG

  • 24. November 2012, 14:31  Antworten

    Whooow! These pictures are just amazingly beautiful.
    Cant wait, until winter catches us here in Hamburg.


    • crriena
      26. November 2012, 16:13

      hej, thank you so much!
      i’m also looking forward to winter – I really prefer it to dusty autumn runs.
      have a good week!

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