3 more weeks to prepare for the half marathon

I had a great weekend with an amazing dinner at Jasmin’s place and a apple harvest. I helped picking and now I have 6 kg of apples waiting in my kitchen to be consumed. So I made some apple crumble tonight. Any other great ideas to prepare the remaining 5.5 kg?

The more I run the more I enjoy my days off. Especially after the 18 km which I ran this weekend, I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I hope I’m gonna manage to run the 2x10k on Tuesday and Wednesday and the 15k on Sunday – Keep your fingers crossed!


  • 23. September 2012, 21:49  Antworten

    Hey, so konsequent wie Du trainierst: Willst Du Dich nicht doch für einen kompletten Marathon anmelden? Wenn Du so ein Training durchziehst würdest Du das schaffen…

    • crriena
      24. September 2012, 08:49

      Ich peile gerade so halbernst den Gutenberg Marathon im Mai an.. Mal schauen, ob das was wird :)

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