2 weeks left until the half marathon

Here we go – 2 more weeks left until I will run my first half marathon. Am I excited? Oh, yes, I am! And a bit insecure because the furthest distance I ran was my 15 km at the weekend and I won’t be running further the next 2 weeks according to my plan. In fact I won’t run further than 8 km until the half marathon. Well, I rely on the plan and enjoy the short runs (and damn the tempo runs)!

Thanks to my long runs I found some beautiful places around Stuttgart like this nameless small lake and lovely paths through the forest. They also were great for a sunny Sunday walk!


  • Laufhannes
    2. Oktober 2012, 16:50  Antworten

    I don’t know from where you got your training plan. But normally, if you do (nearly) all the trainings the way you should you’ll be able to manage the halfmarathon. Do you have a special aim or just finishing it?

    • crriena
      2. Oktober 2012, 19:32

      well i’ve been following a plan for nearly 3 months now (first nike race coach, then a joggen-online plan) and I just want to finish. after the race I want to concentrate on my pace over 10k. and maaaybe have a go at a full marathon next year.

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