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My Iceland Top Ten

Here are my 10 favourite things to see and to do in Iceland! Click on the pictures to find out more about the places – Have fun! Want to find out more? Head over to the Iceland Travel Blog, dohop and Travelettes and check out their favourite places: Top ten from a local’s point of view by Iceland Travel Blog Top ten things to do in Iceland by dohop 5 highlights when traveling to Iceland by Travelettes ∼ Here’s an overview of my trip to Iceland: Day 1, Part 1 – How to shoot a geysir? Day 1, Part 2 – Hot springs on the moon Day 2 – Colour attack! Day 3 – Waterfalls in the North-East Day 4 – The Day I preferred a cracker to a cookie Day 5 – Wet again but hej, two rainbows! Day 6 – Hello rain again Day 7 – Welcome to the capital: Reykjavik Day 8 – The last Day in Iceland My Iceland Essentials

up the hill at Krýsuvík, Iceland_home

The last Day in Iceland

The last day of our journey we spent on the Reykjanes peninsula and visited the geothermal fields of Krýsuvík one more time. But this time it wasn’t raining cats and dogs and we had a great view over Kleifarvatn and the sea. During our stay in Iceland we slowly got used to the pungent smell of sulphur but this should be the last time we smelled it. Click on the picture to see the rainy and the sunny side of Krýsuvík: Since we still had some time until the departure of our plane we drove further to the bridge between the continents and walked between the Eurasian and the North American tectonic plates in just a few seconds. From the plane we had an amazing last view over the glacier which was a great end of our vacation! So this was the last post of my Iceland travel diary. I hope you’ve enjoyed the short reports and impressions from the journey! Stay tuned for a ‘Best of Iceland’ post next week! ∼ Day 1, Part …

The clouds and I in Reykjavik (small)

Day 7 – Welcome to the capital: Reykjavik!

Since I survived my half marathon on Sunday and my new training plan doesn’t start before next week, I use the time to update my Iceland travel diary. The last two days of our trip we spent in and around Reykjavik and started Day 7 with a walk on the northern bay. Besides Sólfar, an artistic viking boat, we visited the concert hall Harpa. Its architecture combines mirrors with geometrical shaped, colourful glass panels and plays with the incoming sunlight – very impressive! We wanted to go to the Kolaportið indoor flea market but unfortunately it was closed that day. So we went to the Volcano House and had a delicious cookie and hot chocolate at the in-house vintage styled cafe while we waited for the movies to begin. The cinema showed two movies: one about the 1973 Eruption in the Westman Islands which was fairly old but nonetheless very interesting, and another one about the Eyjafjallajökull and Fimmvörðulháls eruption of 2010. Afterwards we walked around the Tjörnin, a small lake in the middle of the city and watched a duck family. Reykjaviks side lanes are full of …


Hello rain again! – Iceland Diary 6

So this was pretty much the motto for Day 6: hello rain again! Those brave horsemen tried to defy the weather conditions in their fancy orange suits but either way I bet they got just as wet as we got later this day … From Selfoss we drove to the Reykjanes peninsula and made a stop at Strandarkirkja. It was pouring so we waited a few minutes to get into that little chapel. Meanwhile busses of tourists arrived one after the other. The people had 5 minutes to take photos and then they disappeared again. This was a bit of a sad spectacle and we used a bus-free moment to glance at the cute chapel’s interiour. The thick clouds didn’t raise our hope for nicer weather today so we decided to drive up to Reykjavik to move into the apartment we’ve rented for our last two days of the trip. But when we drove up north we couldn’t turn our backs on the great nature which happened to be along the way. So we got …

Sea at Dyrhólaey, iceland

Wet again but hej, two rainbows! – Iceland, Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of my Iceland travel diary! Awakened by the sun at Bölti, Skaftafell we set out for more beautiful waterfalls and glaciers and headed south-west. First stop on our route was the coast of Dyrhólaey which was simply stunning. This place really has something magical: Black lava columns coming out of the thunderous sea which tears against the black sand of the coastline. And on the opposite there are those bizarre basaltic columns rising up towards the sky. Driving further into the south we’ve noticed that the sights became more and more crowded. It’s surprising that I managed to take a picture of Skógafoss without people standing in front of it. Instead two rainbows were showing up! As you can see the weather got better during the day and so this waterfall appeared at its best: Seljalandsfoss. This is a special one and we named it 360° waterfall (no one remembers Seljalandsfoss, anyway!) because you can walk around it! This is the view from the inside (and shortly before I got soaked to the skin, AGAIN!). …

Seal at Jökulsarlon, Iceland

The day I preferred a cracker to a cookie – Iceland Diary 4

Glacier time! Woke up in rain again and packed our wet tent. After a long drive down the Ringway into the South with a short and rainy lunch stopover at Höfn we arrived at Jökulsárlón, the Glacier river. Although it was quite misty and very, very windy it was a great sight. But I preferred watching the seals which were playing in the south of the bridge which crosses the river. After more rain and foggy hills we finally saw our first glacier: Vatnajökull. It was very impressive because the glacier branches look like huge frozen waves which try to cleave into the valley. Of course I couldn’t help to walk on the glacier but unfortunately my love of adventure was stopped by a muddy incident (see the picture below). So this day made history as the day I preferred a cracker to a cookie. Blame it on the glacier! So we didn’t make it onto the glacier but into Skaftafell National Park and found a great accomodation in the cosy Bölti Guesthouse. See more pictures in the gallery: …