Colour attack! – Iceland, Day 2

  20.09.2012   Carina   Island, TRAVEL   11 Comments

Saying goodbye to the gravel road (for now!) we left the highland and drove on Route 1 to Akureyri. Akureyri is said to be the northern capital of Iceland – what a

27 days until my first half marathon

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My vacation messed my previous training achievements up a bit, so my calves feel a little sore after the 10k run and 30-minute-bike yesterday. I hope they get better soon

hot springs on the moon – DAY 1.2 in ICELAND

  15.09.2012   Carina   Island, TRAVEL   26 Comments

Our journey continues into the Icelandic highland. The picture above is a rarity as you usually neither see vegetation nor creatures in this territory.

how to run?

To run or not to run – that is the question. This text by Erica Heinz will make it a lot easier for you to decide which way to go, how to

How to shoot a geysir? – Iceland Diary Day 1.1

  12.09.2012   Carina   Island, TRAVEL   12 Comments

Like I promised I’m gonna start my travel report today- with heaps of pictures and tiny hints how to survive Iceland in Autumn (and a little how-to NOT shoot a

hm prep week 8 or where did all the corn go?

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Before I start bombarding you with loads of Iceland pictures I want to keep you up-to-date with my half marathon prep for this week. Today I ran through the fields

Ice, Ice, Iceland – an autumn tale

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I just arrived home from my fantastic trip to Iceland. To sum up the last 10 days here’s a brief visual summary.